Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Loss of culture Due to Globalization.- Anushka Raj

India is a land of diversity in race, region, caste, language, landform, flora and fauna and so on. From ancient time till day India has captured this diversity . Therefore India has rightly been termed as "the epitome of the world." The fundamental diversity in India is gleaned from the very moto of India that is, 'Unity In Diversity'.The main theme of this culture is unity which absorbs all the diversities indeed!

India is complex, and this is from an Indian! You have to live it to understand it. Tradition and culture in India are things that haven't changed for centuries and are practiced without question. And since Indians have been ready to accept most changes, almost everything we do has, by default, become tradition. In this context, when change occurs, however minute, we Indians feel that we are eroding our traditional values. 
One example, of many such millions, would be the headgear of the people of Rajasthan, a desert state of India. Here, men wrap several meters of cloth on their heads to form a turban. This would obviously have been to protect their heads from the scorching heat.Now this head gear, cumbersome and impractical as it is, is being replaced by caps. And Indians are crying hoarse about their loss of tradition and culture to western ideas.Moreover, great and graceful dances like the Bharatnatyam have been forgotten very easily as it isnt considered as something fresh and new to the eyes. Youngsters find it boring and senseless instead of looking at the beauty and sublimity of the dance form. Why so? Is our country so westernized that it has forgotten its own moral values and code of conduct? 

However another was of looking at this situation is , if we stop westernization completely and only use Indian products , Indian morals and vales and Indian culture and accounts back to the beginning of our era then maybe we can restore some culture and tradition that got lost in the decades where India itself didnt know what it was upto! But on the contrary can we stay without using Western Products like shampoos, chocolates or the usual Mcdonalds ? Can we stay without a crunchy chicken wing from KFC or a cheesy melt in the mouth pizza ? Makes you salivate at the very thought of it , eh?
Can we stay without watching Fast and Furious series, or maybe Twilight series or your favorite actor from the Hollywood? Obviously not! Can you even think of going to a pub and dancing Bharatnatyam there to fresh edm hits ?Can you think of not knowing Salsa or Hip Hop in today's world?Can you think of reading vedas and transcripts instead of reading Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer or Daniel Steel? Yes , India is indeed westernizing. The is because India is a developing country and even if we think of only using domestic products which are in house;how long can we sustain? Afterall , India has most employment in the Primary sector in fields like agriculture and mining. Thus healthy westernization is important for this growing economy as it is a part of Globalization in the end.

Anushka, is a teen who loves to write. This post is one of her own ramblings :D

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