Sunday, 5 April 2015

Mumbai - Guest Post #4

Mumbai- The city of Dreams. 
Mumbai is a city of dreams. For people who settle here to people having ancestral property in this huge and cosmopolitan city, everyone struggled. There was no turning back, once you have your foot dug into Mumbai's soil. You may love it, or you may hate it, but you won't ever find another place like Mumbai.
Mumbai is not divided, everyone mingles into the crowd. The 'Bollywood' craze, the 'Mumbai meri jaan' tag, the late nights, everything about this city is unique in a way. How much ever you find yourself wishing to go to some other place, city, country, or continent, you'll still find a part of your heart stuck in Bombay. 
No wonder it is called the Indian New York. Sleeping before midnight is rare, visiting Marine Drive and Sea Link is mandatory. The rich and famous crowd has 'Tryst' stamped on their tongues, the 'Tapori Hindi' is normal, getting home late is normal, and people having fans is normal too. 
Mumbai is indeed unique, and though we may be lagging in some areas, we cover it up by being the best at what we're known for. 
You never get old when you're in Mumbai. You discover so much that you're always on your toes, and proudly calling yourself a 'Mumbaikar'. 
-Vaishnavi Sanap.

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