Sunday, 5 April 2015

Purposeless- Guest Post #2

                       -Dhaval Mistry
As I wake up every morning, I wonder why God sent me to this world. Why was I born as an ordinary carbon-based life form? Behind me hangs on a hook the picture of the one I worship. The orange sun makes his picture look so radiant. Philosophers say that all human beings are born with a purpose and so was I. But what is my purpose in life. People say I am too young to think about that and my parents feel that I really need to figure out my goals in life. Like James Dean said,” You say one thing, he says another, and everybody changes back again!” and in saying it Dean highlighted teenage life in the movie ‘Rebel without a Cause’ in a nutcase.
So, as I looked on at the radiant picture of God I wondered about my pre-embryo state in God’s realm. How did he prepare me? What did he intend me to do? Why did he pick me for my parents? Then it struck me that I am one in a million. So are you. Just to give you an idea about how special you are let us imagine God sitting in his gold throne with a bunch of twigs in front of him. Now each twig represents a future living being. He knows that each one is a living being and that each one should have an equal chance in the battleground. The rejected ones would get thrown in an incinerator. So, choosing the wrong one for a couple would be quite a big mistake. God calls one of his angels to see each twig’s future. Based on it, God chooses the one with the brightest future and rejects the others. That chosen twig becomes the embryo. Remember that the number of twigs was not one or two but a million. So you are one in a million and your future was the brightest from all the other twigs. James Dean was a legend; he was an icon and if he had lived a little longer he would have become a legend of Hollywood. The king of movies symbolizing teen anguish died at a young age of 24. Many predicted a long career for him but life had other plans for him. His life was short but what he did in that short time made him the legend he is today. Life is very funny; some people live till the age of 117 years while some do not even breathe beyond a couple of seconds. What we choose to do with those few seconds or those one hundred years makes us who we are. The baby who lived for a few seconds could have chosen to remain quiet amidst the tense voices that questioned its fate but it chose to shout out, to cry with hope that God might give it a chance to live. Yes, God’s ways are mysterious. He sends us to this Earth without informing us about our purpose in life or even telling us what we have to do and where to start from. But we should always remember that although we feel alone and misguided while on the path to realizing our goals and purposes in life, we are always helped by the invisible hand of God (no relation whatsoever to Diego Maradona).
To realize one’s purpose in life is one of the greatest achievements. Some realize their goals at a young age while some at an older age but be assured we all will have that one goal which will be our ultimate achievement in this life. We are teenagers and it is alright to be purposeless at this stage of life because at this time we are confused mortal cocoons. When we shed those cocoons we will become mature and responsible butterflies. That will be the time when our whims and fantasies will take a backseat and our purpose in life will guide us to gates of glory.

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