Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Music Midas- Tera Farishta

Music Midas.A growing, music group with it's Soulful songs. It is  made by the teachers and students of R.B.K School (Mira Road). Known to Mumbai, as the runner up of Voices 2014 competition, this group has surely proved that, with passion and determination, one can achieve all. The best part about this group is many of it's members are still in their early teens, but after listening to their voice, I was unsure if it was them or Shreya Ghoshal.

Music Midas with it's latest release, Tera Farishta, a song reaching out to every individual, making it real clear, that Children are nothing else but blessings of the divine. Again, this song has been sung by Gargi Borah, Smyrna Sagalgile, Nishi Khandelwal and Mala Soren.
Music:- Sonu Abraham.
Lyrics:- Alok Shukla, Kushzraj Mehra.
This song shows us, in this Race, race for success, Children are being neglected. Trust me, if you have money and a great life, let me tell you your life is useless, because the amount of time, you spend in earning that piece of paper, you lose time with loved ones. Money will buy anything except time. It's time you stop living/working for money and start living for your loved ones. God gave you a child for a reason, he thought you are the one who can take care of his treasure. Do not disappoint him.

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