Monday, 8 June 2015

Conversation with God.

* Conversation With God *
Q. What were you doing just before you died?
A. I was hanging from the ceiling fan and struggling to breathe. The rope had started to cut into my neck. I should have opted for a cloth instead of that nylon rope.
Q. Why did you hang yourself?
A. I was not able to live up to my parent's expectations. I scored poorly in my exams and was unable to get into any decent engineering college.
Q. Okay. Who did you leave behind?
A. My father and my mother.
Q. Do you think your life was complete?
A. Sir, it's funny you should ask this question. I was 17. All I ever did was my assignments, class notes, extra classes, tuitions and JEE coaching. So you see, I was not exactly a ripe candidate for death.
Q. So why did you do it?
A. I guess I just could not take all the stress.
Q. If I give back your life to you, how would you spend it differently?
A. I will focus on my passions. I used to paint quite well as a kid. I would pick up the paintbrush again and channelize my energy towards that. I will star far away from fake goals that I had to swallow down my throat. So, are you giving me another life?
* Poof! *
I disappear, leaving the poor sufferer shocked. But he should have known, has anyone ever got a second life?
Suicide is never the solution to any problem. Exams and career related stress are responsible for many suicides every year. We request everyone to avoid getting into a state of panic. Please approach counsellors in case you need any guidance. Remember, you only live once.
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