Sunday, 19 April 2015

Depends on your perception. -Guest Post.

Depends on your perception.
Everything has two sides, good and bad.
Everything depends on how you perceive it, whether you're optimistic or pessimistic. Two people see differently when a glass half filled with water is placed, one sees a half full glass, the other a half empty glass.
Some people feel that the grass is greener on the other side, some believe that they have the greener side. Some see the golden edge to the sword, some see the silver edge.
There is nothing as 'ugly'. A person who thinks that a certain person, or a certain place, or anything is 'ugly', his perception about the thing/person/place/whatever changes. Now, no matter how much people try to convince him the other way around, he'll still see it as ugly. There's beauty in everything, you just have to open your eyes.
Now, let me tell you a story,
There was a girl, in her early twenties. She was a workaholic, and viewed money as the only solace. She believed in wealth, and that a person is rich only when he/she can buy anything with money. She wanted that rich lifestyle, the clothes, the houses, the cars, and possibly anything that money could buy. It took her to fall in love with a boy who was broke, homeless, but had a heart of gold, and an amazing voice to see the richness of a person without money.
Somehow later in the story she is fired from her job, has to sell her house and cars to pay off the loans, and is totally broke.
She had to work as a watiress in a bar, clean tables for a meal, and do work she'd never done before. She then grows to despise money for she's seem what are the negative effects of it.
There's a lot more to the story, but I'll end it here, because I explained my point.
I am not saying that money is bad, but everything needs to be in proportion. And every little thing depends on how you think of it. So, think positive, attract positive energy, send good vibes, and be happy in life.
There is no way a person can be happy, even if he has the tiniest amount of negativity in him.
Be good to yourself and to others around you. What you do, comes back at you someday. Believe in karma, and be influential, positively.
Thank you.

-Vaishnavi Sanap
PS: link to the whole story, its a damn good one. Read it please. Xx

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