Thursday, 16 April 2015

Loneliness.-Guest Post

‘I feel so lonely man.(sigh).period. It’s as if no one’s there for me. It’s as if people do not give a damn about what I think, I feel and, what I really want .I feel empty.’’
Don’t these words sound familiar??Doesn’t it look like we have heard these words before?  Or rather , I should say, isn’t it as if WE might have said these words to ourselves??
Yeah. We all know how it feels. We all know how it feels to be neglected, especially by a person who WE feel is close to us. The only problem is, how do we deal with it??
There is a famous quote said by a famous person “One feels lonely only  if he is lonely from the mind”. It’s definitely true, but, we teens are always so confused that instead of solving this problem, we just keep on thinking about it and then , just leave it as it is.

So guys, please, it’s a request to all of you that never think that you are lonely.You need to understand the fact that , no one is going to be there  for you every time. There is no 24hour service available .Mind you, people have got a lot of stuff to handle than your problems. You need to understand that no one knows  you better  than yourself, and  so, its you who has to solve your problem.

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