Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Just stay in touch, my friend!-Guest Post.

Keeping in touch with friends after school has ended is a pretty tough task. Normally, a person stays in touch with hardly ten to eleven friends from school. The rest are either forgotten, or you've been tolerating them for your school-life, that you just want to forget them and move on with your life. Or there are some very special people, whom you just want to meet up and hang out eith, but the timing is very wrong, and planned hangouts seem to go down the drain. 
All those promises of meeting up regularly, or hanging out someday are just ignored, and you don't miss almost anybody. 
You meet people from coaching classes, school, hangout places, and in this age of technology, hundreds of different applications allow you to chat and text other people, including voice mails, face to face chatting, sending pictures, texting and so much more. Yet, there are only a handful of people, you talk to them on every social networking site possible. That is more of, 'being in touch with the same person over and over again'. Seems a bit funny, but that's the way it is. 
Meeting new people and letting the old ones go is a part of life, but a wise person moves on higher in the choice of wise friends and good company. 
-Vaishnavi Sanap.

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